Ranch Holidays & Horseback Riding

The Real America is the home of Western culture at its most authentic. To experience it first-hand, a ranch holiday is an unforgettable must and there are ranches catering for all levels of riding and recreation for the whole family in the Rocky mountain states!

Montana Riding and Ranching

Bar W Guest Ranch, near Whitefish

Horseback rides, summer pack trips, hunting, fishing, and photo trips can be found in Big Sky Country in Montana. Many sites are located near some of the finest outdoor recreation areas in the state.

Grab hold of the reins. Watch the spectacular scenery play out before you. Meet a few new friends along the way and get some dust on your jeans. When it comes to ranches, not much has changed in Montana since the 1870s. Ranch hands still work the cattle under a big sky. And whether you choose a location that is a working ranch or included as part of a resort experience, there’ll always be a place at the table for you. That is, when you’re not taking in the pack trip, wagon train, campfire or rodeos. For more information visit www.VisitMT.com

Play Cowboy in North Dakota

You’re never too old to play cowboy. North Dakota has a number of exceptional areas to see from the saddle. Hit the trail on your own horse, or enjoy a short ride at the Medora Riding Stables or ride as part of a ranch holiday at Black Leg Ranch. For more information visit www.NDTourism.com

Saddle Up in South Dakota

South Dakota’s varied terrain and scenic trails are favorable for every type of horseback riding, from open prairies to rugged, winding trails. Several parks and recreation areas designate trails for horseback riding, including Custer State Park, Badlands National Park, Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, Sica Hollow State Park and Bear Butte State Park. Find opportunities for even the least experienced rider with lessons and trained horses. Horse accommodations at more than a dozen bed and breakfasts, horse camps and lodges in South Dakota include horse barns, feed and water, open pastures and horse trailer parking, making it a comfortable stay for everyone. For more information visit www.TravelSouthDakota.com

Dude! Wyoming Ranches and Riding for All Levels

Even the staunchest city slicker has an inner cowboy buried deep inside of him. The benefits of getting in touch with that fella go way beyond bragging rights and photo ops. What you’ll discover on a dude or guest ranch in Wyoming is most likely a transformative experience that you’ll never forget — all amid incredible mountain and prairie scenery, beside new lifelong friends and with a smile that makes your face hurt. For more information visit www.TravelWyoming.com